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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor Review copy, read for the British Fantasy Society

I demand that two new laws are immediately passed. 1) More books set in Prague. 2) More books by Laini Taylor. Read this and you will understand. With its secretive streets and tall spired towers, the Czech city perfectly suits this gothic, fairytale romance. The pages burst with art and romance, legend and tragedy, with fog and with teeth. Secret portals that cross the globe in a flash. Real angels on the Charles Bridge. This book could not have been set anywhere else.

I was nervous coming to read this ‘ I adore Taylor’s earlier work. This new book, about a girl with naturally blue hair, brought up by monsters, at art school in Prague ‘ it sounded too good. She has ‘true’ and ‘story’ tattooed on each wrist, decorates her flat from Parisian flea markets and wears a necklace made of wishes? And she has kung-fu skills? Too cool. My expectations were bound to ruin it. The book sat on my desk for a week while I tried to calm down.

And then I started it, and … finished it in less than 48 hours. Finished it breathless, tears in my eyes, aching to read the next part of the trilogy. Which I’m not sure has even been written yet. So, Laini, hurry up, dear. I need more Karou, and more of the secret worlds she is part of. I want more Morocco, more Prague and much, much more time with her divinely handsome love-interest. I have to find out how the fierce war is won, and who wins it. I hope it’s the monsters. You will too.